Complex Analysis and Approximation
A conference in honour of Anthony G. O'Farrell

NUI Maynooth
17–19 June 2013
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PDF files of talks
Garth Dales Approximate identities in Banach function algebras U. Lancaster, UK
Seán Dineen Holomorphic Functions on Infinite Dimensional Spaces U. College Dublin, Ireland
Joel Feinstein Classicalisation of Swiss Cheeses U. Nottingham, UK
Walter Hayman The Growth of bounded and related functions Imperial College, UK
Alex Izzo1 Function algebras invariant under group actions Bowling Green State U., USA
Dmitry Khavinson Algebraic Aspects of the Dirichlet Problem U. South Florida, USA
Roman Lávička Recent results on finely monogenic functions Charles U., Czech Rep.
Don Marshall Conformal welding U. Washington, USA
Ivan Netuka2 Swiss Cheese & Champagne Bubbles Charles U., Czech Rep.
Fernando Pérez-González Embeddings, Carleson measures and weight U. La Laguna, Spain
Alejandro Sanabria García Vector Valued Multivariate Spectral Multipliers, Littlewood-Paley Functions, and Sobolev Spaces in the Hermite Setting U. La Laguna, Spain
Ian Short On a conjecture of Lorentzen and Ruscheweyh Open U., UK
Richard Timoney Universal reversibility of JC*-triples Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
David Walsh Personal Reminiscences NUI Maynooth, Ireland
Lawrence Zalcman Picard Theorems, 1879–2013 Bar-Ilan U., Israel
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    1This talk was delivered using the blackboard. The linked file contains the slides from an earlier talk and so does not contain the more recent results presented in Maynooth.
    2This talk was based on the following paper which has just appeared:
W. Hansen, I. Netuka, Champagne subdomains with unavoidable bubbles, Advances in Mathematics 244 (2013), 106-116.