One-Day Meeting

in honour of David Walsh and Richard Watson

NUI Maynooth
Saturday 4 April 2009



10:15       Opening Address by Professor John Hughes, President, NUI Maynooth

10:30-11:20 Dr Susan Mac Donald

11:20-11:50 Tea/Coffee Break

11:50-12:40 Professor Anthony O'Farrell

12:40-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-14:50 Professor Finbarr Holland

15:00-15:50 Dr Sandra Pott

15:50-16:20 Tea/Coffee Break

16:20-17:10 Dr Martin Mathieu

All talks will be in MS2, top floor of Logic House.

Speakers and titles Finbarr Holland (UCC)
Boole’s Integral Formula, the Hilbert Transform and Harmonic Measure
Building on an idea of George Boole, which dates from 1847, my talk will center around a certain class of rational functions $\psi$, having only real zeros and poles, that generate composition operators of the form $f\to f\circ \psi$ on any space of integrable functions on the real line, which are closed under multiplication and commute with the Hilbert transform.

Anthony O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth)
With a little Help from my Friends
The talk will survey joint work with David Walsh on integral kernels and holomorphic approximation, and with Richard Watson on extending smooth functions, and approximating smooth functions. All this work fits within the general framework of function algebras (semisimple commutative topological algebras).

Susan Mac Donald
Some Recent Mathematical History Concerning the Paradigm Shift from Euclid

Sandra Pott (U. Glasgow)
Classes of test functions for Hankel operators
We consider classes of test functions suitable to determine boundedness, compactness and Schatten-von Neumann class membership of Hankel operators, and give some applications in the theory of linear systems. This is motivated by results of Bonsall, Holland, and Walsh.

Martin Mathieu (QU Belfast)
Banach algebras have edges: How Algebra can help out Analysis

Stephen Buckley
Pat McCarthy
John Murray

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