Maynooth map
I created this page for visitors to Maynooth; all opinions are my own. Apologies if any information is out of date!

The sketch on the left is not drawn to scale: the part below Celbridge Rd is vertically compressed. Housing estates, residential roads, and short lanes are omitted, to avoid clutter. The main MU/NUIM block shown is the South Campus entrance. North is roughly up.

In the location guide, left and right on the Main Street are given for someone coming from the MU South Campus.

Location Guide (green letters on map)
LLeft off Main St (in/towards Manor Mills)
MLMain St, left side, before Straffan Rd
ML+Main St, left side, past Straffan Rd
MRMain St, right side, before Straffan Rd
MR+Main St, right side, past Straffan Rd
NNear South Campus entrance
RRathcoffey Rd (Meadowbrook area)
SStraffan Rd, near Main St
S+Straffan Rd, past Celbridge Rd
TNear Tesco


Recommended (personal preferences)

For the first two weeks after I arrived here in 1993, there were no evening restaurants in Maynooth. Things have changed...

Evening Restaurants (Maynooth)
Name Location Cuisine Phone
*Avenue Café MR+European628-5003
Bistro 53 ML+Italian/other628-9001
Brady's MR+Pub: informal505-4725
La BrasserieMLEuropean685-3742
Donatello's MR+Italian628-9660
The Gatehouse NEuropean629-1522
Glenroyal: Saints Bistro SCarvery629-0909
McMahon's MR+Pub: informal629-1568
Newtown InnREuropean629-1908
O'Neills MLPub: informal628-6255
The OrientMLChinese/Thai628-5888
*Picaderos ML+Spanish/Argentinean629-2806
Red Torch Ginger MR+Thai/Asian531-0022
The Roost MRPub: informal628-9843
Royal City LChinese629-0686
Stone Haven LEuropean629-1229
(La Brasserie is on Fagan's Lane: turn left before Ulster Bank)
Evening Restaurants (near Maynooth)
Name Location Cuisine Phone Dist.
Carton HouseCarton DemesneEuropean505-2000   4 km
Michelangelo CelbridgeItalian627-1809   6 km
*Barberstown CastleStraffan RdEuropean628-8157   8 km
Beckett's LeixlipIrish624-7040   9 km
Finnstown Castle HotelLucanIrish601-0700 11 km

Many of the above restaurants are also open at lunchtime. Most Maynooth restaurants serve until about 10pm or so, except pubs which often stop serving meals around 9pm. The Newtown Inn is about a kilometre away on Meadowbrook Road; all other Maynooth restaurants are within two minutes walk of Main Street.

Most of the restaurants listed as "near Maynooth" are a little fancier and more expensive than what is available in Maynooth. Distances are personal guesses, measured from the centre of Maynooth.

Lunch/coffee (sit-down)
Name Location Food type
Bagel FactoryL Bagels, etc.; in Manor Mills
Beetroot Healthy FoodMR Light meals: vegan and vegetarian
Café Bon BonLSweet treats and light meals
Chill DowntownL Full meals; also open some evenings
Coffee 4NCafé
Coffee Lounge LLight meals
Coffee MillL Light meals
The Duke & Coachman MRPub: informal
EliteMR+ Sandwiches, cakes, and light meals
Emma's PlaceS Café; near Super Valu
O'Brien'sL Sandwiches, etc.; in Manor Mills
Tesco-The CaféMR++ Light meals; inside Tesco
See also places listed under "Evening Restaurants" above.
Fast food and takeaways
Name Location Food type
Apache PizzaL Take-away: pizza
CentraML Supermarket take-away: baguettes, etc.
Lan Tania/TajMRTakeaway: Thai/Indian
LondisML+ Supermarket take-away: wraps, paninis, etc.
MaMsML+ Take-away: Indian (inside Londis)
MaximusML Take-away: chips, burgers, fish, etc.
McDonald'sT Sit-down
Mizzoni PizzaML Take-away: pizza
Pizza DogML Take-away: pizza, hot dogs
SupermacsML+ Sit-down; 11am-1am

Name Location Comments
TescoT Largest, open 24 hours; 700m
*DunnesL Large; 300m (in Manor Mills)
*AldiL Mid-sized; 500m (past Manor Mills)
*SupervaluS Mid-sized; 200m (in Glenroyal Centre)
*LidlS+ Mid-sized; on left after Esso; 1400m
*CentraS+ Mid-sized; on left after Maxol; 800m
CentraML Small convenience store; 100m
LondisML+ Small convenience store; 100m

Tesco: large range of products, some good prices; I do not recommend their own-brand items.
Dunnes: large range of products, good prices.
SuperValu: good range of products, good prices.
Lidl: reasonable range, best prices; go for cooked meat, chocolate, bakery!
Aldi: reassonable range, best prices; go for cooked meat!
Centra (Straffan Rd): reasonable range, more expensive; go for deli items!

The choice of supermarkets in Maynooth is extraordinary for a town of its size. Distances are personal guesses, measured from the junction of Straffan Road and Main Street. All these supermarkets are open seven days a week. Tesco is open to midnight every day, Supervalu and Aldi until 9pm or 10pm (depending on day), Dunnes until 7-9pm (depending on day), and most of the others until about 9pm Monday-Saturday, or earlier on Sunday.

Pubs and Bars
Name Location Comments
Duke & CoachmanMR
Newtown InnRLocated on Meadowbrook Road
SaintsSThe Glenroyal Hotel
The RoostMR
Wine/alcohol shops ("off-licences")
Name Location
*The RoostMR
All supermarkets have large off-licences.
For everyday wines, try Dunnes, Aldi, or Lidl.
Tesco has a lot of own-label wines.