Ciaran Mac an Bhaird's photo

Mathematics Support Centre Manager

MAP Academic Advisor for Mathematics

Room: 132 Middle Logic
Office hours: Mondays 9-10, 12-1 or by appointment
Phone: +353 1 708 3992
Fax: +353 1 708 3913

Research Interests

Ciarán Mac an Bhaird's current areas of research focus on Mathematics Education and Algebraic Number Theory. In Mathematics Education he is working on the benefits of introducing new methods of teaching Maths to students. He is particularly interested in using podcasts, screencasts and touchscreen technology. He is also developing resources to help introduce the history and background of mathematical topics to students at all levels. He is also working on investigations into the levels of student engagement with extra Mathematics Support initiatives. In Algebraic Number Theory he is interested in Gauss Sums and Cyclotomic Numbers. He is currently working with the computer package Singular in order to investigate these topics further.


A list of papers in progress is available here, my most recent publications are available here and a list of all publications and articles is available here.


A list of talks, seminars and posters, broken down by calendar year, is available here.


A list of the conferences I have (co-)organised is available here.