Prize Winners 2022

Please Note: The Department will ordinarily award a prize only if there is at least one student with an outstanding performance in an associated examination.
Delort Prize for First Year Double Mathematics
Matthew Byrne
McMahon Prize for Penultimate Year Mathematics
Gerhard Kalusche
De Brún Prize for Final Year Mathematics
Eoghan Murphy
Lennon Prize for First Year Mathematical Studies
Lee Power
Pamela Manly Prize for Second Year Mathematical Studies
Siobhán McGarry
Denvir Prize for Honours Degree in Mathematical Studies
Leah Mitchell
Boole Prize for Standard Mathematics in First Science
Oisín Davey
Gauss Prize for Standard Mathematics in Second Science
 Jessica Ormonde
Donaghy Prize for Third Year Applied Mathematics
Stephen Timlin
Stokes Prize for Fourth Year Applied Mathematics
Brian Skelly
Hamilton Prize for the best penultimate year
undergraduate mathematics student
Jordan Rossiter
Huxley Prize for Euclidean Geometry
Matthew Byrne
Huxley Prize for Pure Mathematics
Eoghan Murphy
Geary Prize for 1st Year Statistics
Leanne Duignan
Wilcoxon Prize for 2nd Year Statistics
Rachel McInerney
Nightingale Prize for 3rd Year Statistics
Alesia Tratsiakova
Gosset Prize for Statistics in the
B.A., B.Sc., or H.Dip. in Statistics

Iris Kakouli Duarte
Spelman Prize for 1st/2nd TPM &  M+MP
Matthew Byrne