Prize Winners 2009

Delort Prize for First Year Double Mathematics Ciaran Hughes
McMahon Prize for Penultimate Year Mathematics Gavin Armstrong
De Brún Prize for Final Year Mathematics Tadhg Morgan
Pamela Manly Prize for Second Year Mathematical Studies Jonathan Brookes
Donaghy Prize for Third Year Applied Mathematics Dervil Cody
Lennon Prize for First Year Mathematical Studies Adrian Neilon
Denvir Prize for Honours Degree in Mathematical Studies Joanna Phillips
Edgeworth Prize for Penultimate Year Statistics Niamh Cahill
Gosset Prize for Statistics in the B.A., B.Sc., or H.Dip. in Statistics Colin Bolger
Hamilton Prize for the best penultimate year undergraduate mathematics student Gavin Armstrong
Huxley Prize for the student obtaining the highest mark in the course "History of Mathematics" Joanna Phillips