Second Level Resources

These pages contain links to online resources for secondary school mathematics. The resources are a combination of those developed at Maynooth University which cover second level material, and resources developed elsewhere. All the external sources are listed below.

The topics covered are based around frequently occurring queries that students have at our free Secondary School drop-in service While there are links to almost 600 resources listed, the gathering of suitable materials and construction of certain pages is ongoing, so not all topics in Junior and Leaving Certificate are currently covered.

Resources available are categorised by Junior and Senior cycle and further by the strands of study Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Trigonometry, Number, Algebra and Functions, where suitable resources have been identified.


  Junior Certificate Resources  

  Leaving Certificate Resources  


External sources for resources include:, keytomaths1, Khan Academy, Math Open Reference,, NRich, PatrickJMT, UCD, UKmathsteacher, Visnos. Maynooth University is not responsible for the contents of external websites.