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A week on Thurston's Geometrisation, following Perelman

NUI Maynooth, 11th - 15th of January, 2010

In 2003, Gregory Perelman uploaded on arXiv three articles which outlined a proof of the Poincaré conjecture and lead to the proof of Thurston's geometrisation conjecture. These three articles are the reason he was awarded the Fields medal in 2006.

This week will consist in a series of lectures given by

  • Dr. Laurent Bessières, Université de Grenoble, and
  • Professor Sylvain Maillot, Université Montpellier 2.

The aim of these lectures will be to introduce us to Thurston's geometrisation conjecture and its proof following G. Perelman, in which both our speakers were involved.

You can consult this paper - "Weak collapsing and geometrisation of aspherical 3-manifolds" co-written by our two invited speakers and G. Besson, M. Boileau and J. Porti, related to the last step of Perelman's idea to prove Thurston's geometrisation conjecture and also this monograph on which these lectures will be based by the same authors.
Two surveys by S. Maillot, The first on application of the Ricci flow to 3-manifolds and less technical one, focusing on the Poincaré conjecture
A simple historical overview is available in French.


All lectures will take place in MS2, logic house - south campus, NUI Maynooth.

We will start on Monday 11 at 9:30am and finish on Friday 15 at 4pm. You can download the full programme here.


For organisational purposes, if you intend to come please fill out this registration form.

If you look for accommodations in Maynooth, the good idea is first to search for availability in The Maynooth Campus. Otherwise the closest hotel is The Glenroyal and there are a couple of B&B, check them on The official tourism website.


This event is funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).

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