Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Spring, 1999

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

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This year's seminars are organised by Dr. Pat McCarthy.


Levels of Fields and Division Rings
Professor David Lewis (UCD)
Wednesday, January 20

Curvature Decay and Open Manifolds
Dr. David Wraith (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, January 27

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Genetics
Dr. Nuala Sheehan (Loughborough U.)
Monday, February 1

Poincaré-Sobolev Inequalities without Derivatives
Dr. Carlos Pérez (Univ. Autònoma Madrid)
Wednesday, February 3

Wavelets I
Dr. Rodrigo Trujillo (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Monday, February 8

Wavelets II
Dr. Rodrigo Trujillo (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Wednesday, Feb 10

Wavelets II
Dr. Rodrigo Trujillo (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Monday, February 15

Topic to be announced
Dr. Gordon Hay (Glasgow/Strathclyde)
Wednesday, Feb 24

Analytic Capacity, Meyer Curvature and Rectifiability
Prof. Pertti Mattila (Jyväskylä)
Monday, March 1

Decoding Alternant Codes
Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick (UCC)
Wednesday March 3rd

Absolute Values of Analytic Functions
Dr. David Walsh (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday March 10

Symmetry by way of the maximum principle: some recent theorems and counterexamples
Professor L.E. Fraenkel (Bath)
Wednesday March 24

Pervasive Spaces
Professor A.G. O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday April 21

High, Low, Open, Close: Simulating Financial Times Series Pricing barrier options, tracking volatility and correlation
Professor Don L. McLeish (Waterloo, Canada)
Monday April 26

Universal geometric considerations in the construction of chemically active clusters of atoms
Professor C.M. Quinn (Chemistry, NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday April 28

Harmonic Approximation with Applications
Professor David Armitage (Belfast)
Wednesday May 5

A mathematical model for the spread of Meningitis in Ireland
Ms. Gloria Crispino (NUI Maynooth)
Wedesday May 12

Cancer Prevalence Measurement from the current statistics available: The Italian Experience
Dr. Silvia Francisci (U. La Sapienza, Rome)
Monday May 17