Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Spring, 2004

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

Past Seminars & Colloquia

This year's seminars are organised by Dr. Catherine Comiskey.


Breaking world records with permutations on 12 points
Dr. Goetz Pfeiffer (UCG)
Wednesday, February 4

Test functions for Hankel operators in the Schatten classes
Dr. David Walsh (NUIM)
Wednesday, February 11

Convergence of the Zipper Algorithm for Conformal Mapping
Professor Don Marshall (U. Washington)
Wednesday, February 18

Mathematics and Ringing the Changes (or The Group-Theorist of Notre Dame)
Dr. Gary McGuire (NUIM)
Monday, February 23

Explosion-suppression of solutions of functional differential equations by noise, with applications to population biology
Dr. John Appleby (DCU)
Wednesday, February 25

Seeing Diophantine approximation through fractal geometric spectacles
Dr. Rebecca Thorn (Queen Mary, U. London)
Wednesday, March 3

Topics from Coding Theory
Mr. Carl Bracken (NUIM)
Wednesday, March 10

NO SEMINAR (Study week)
Wednesday, March 17

Mathematical models for the cochlea: wavelets and the affine group
Professor Martin Reimann (U. Bern)
Wednesday, March 24

Straight lines and the ultrahyperbolic equation: examples
Dr. Veronika Chrastinova (TU Brno)
Monday, March 29

A zero-infinity law for measures
Dr. Maurice Dobson (U. York)
Wednesday, March 31

NO SEMINAR (BMC meeting in Belfast)
Wednesday, April 7

NO SEMINAR (Easter vacation)
Wednesday, April 14

Manifold Resistance and Transience
Dr. Steen Markvorsen (TU Denmark)
Wednesday, April 21

Approximation on disks
Dr. Peter de Paepe (U. Amsterdam)
Wednesday, April 28

Superpositions. Image domains and growth of univalent functions
Dr. Dragan Vukotic (UA Madrid)
Wednesday, May 5