Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Spring, 2003

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

Past Seminars & Colloquia

This year's seminars are organised by Dr. Gary McGuire.


Some Applications of Swiss Cheeses
J. Feinstein (U. Nottingham)
Wednesday, January 22

Weighted inequalities for the Fourier extension operator
J. Bennett (TCD)
Wednesday, January 29

Good Codes from Sparse Matrices
E. Byrne (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, February 5

Blocks with Trivial Intersection Defect Groups
C. Eaton (U. Birmingham)
Wednesday, February 12

Euler characteristics and L-functions
M. Taylor (UMIST)
Monday, February 17

Holomorphic hulls of compact group orbits
D. Zaitsev (TCD)
Wednesday, February 19

The History of Counting
G. Huxley (TCD)
Monday, March 3

Foundations: Euclid, his predecessors and his successors
G. Huxley (TCD)
Tuesday, March 4 (Hall E, 11am)

Theory and practicality in Ancient Mathematics
G. Huxley (TCD)
Wednesday, March 5

Free Actions on Non-Archimedean Trees
S. O'Rourke (UCC)
Wednesday, March 12

Sharp Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities in sub-Riemannian spaces
J. Tyson (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Wednesday, March 19

On Problems in Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation
S. Velani (U. York)
Wednesday, March 26

Boundary problems for Einstein metrics
M. Singer (U. Edinburgh)
Monday, March 31

C^1 extension of superharmonic functions
A. Gustafson (UCD)
Wednesday, April 2

Differential Equations for Variations
V. Chrastinova (NUI Maynooth, TU Brno)
Wednesday, April 9