Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Autumn, 1999

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

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This year's seminars are organised by Dr. Anthony Small.


Comparison of Topologies Induced by a Smooth Function in Rd and Localness of A(Ψ) Algebras
Professor Anthony G. O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, September 29

Removability Results for A-harmonic Functions
Dr. Stephen Buckley (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, October 6

Riemannian Geometry of Branched Coverings
Professor James Ells (Cambridge)
Wednesday, October 13

Jumping Lines
Dr. Anthony Small (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, October 20

Richard Brauer's Contribution to the Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Dr. John Murray (UCD)
Wednesday, October 27

The Heisenberg Group and Carnot-Caratheodory Metrics.
Dr. Paul McManus (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, November 3

Linear Mappings Preserving Matrix Invariants
Dr. Tom Laffey (UCD)
Wednesday, November 10

Topic to be announced
Dr. John Sayre (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Monday, November 15

Large Deviation Theory: Applications to Information Theory
Professor John Lewis (DIAS)
Wednesday, November 17

The Uncertainty Principle I
Dr. Lourdes Rodriguez (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Monday, November 22

The Uncertainty Principle II
Dr. Lourdes Rodriguez (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Wednesday, November 24

The Uncertainty Principle III
Dr. Lourdes Rodriguez (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Thursday, November 25

Riemann Surfaces and QFT in Two Dimensions
Professor Charles Nash (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, December 1

Metrics of Cohomogeneity-1
Dr. David Wraith (NUI Maynooth)
Wednesday, December 8