Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Autumn, 2003

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

Past Seminars & Colloquia


What are 'the' residuals in the linear model?
Professor John Haslett (Statistics, TCD)
Wednesday, October 1

Hasse Principle for Similarity of Hermitian Forms
Dr. Thomas Unger (UCD)
Wednesday, October 8

The least eigenvalue of the Laplacian and Sobolev inequalities on ends
Dr. Stephen Buckley (NUIM)
Wednesday, October 15

Linear inclusions: theory and applications
Dr. Fabian Wirth (Hamilton Institute, NUIM and U. Bremen)
Wednesday, October 22

NO SEMINAR (Study week)
Wednesday, October 29

A new perspective on the circle criterion and a challenge in linear algebra
Dr. Robert Shorten (Hamilton Institute, NUIM)
Wednesday, November 5

Representations of general linear groups, symmetric groups and Hecke algebras
Dr. Stephen Donkin (Queen Mary, U. London)
Wednesday, November 12

Cointegration, The Celtic Tiger and all that
Dr. Patrick Murphy (Statistics, UCD)
Wednesday, November 19

Metric spaces of negative type
Dr. Simon Kokkendorff (NUIM)
Wednesday, November 26

Estimating the prevalence of problem drug use by means of a multivariate indicator method
Dr. Gordon Hay (Centre for Drug Misuse Research, U. Glasgow)
Wednesday, December 3
(Note the change of speaker from the initial announcement.).

Comparing Schur algebras upwards and downwards
Dr. Anne Henke (U. Leicester)
Wednesday, December 10

The straight lines in R3 and the ultrahyperbolic equation
Dr. Veronika Chrastinova (TU Brno)
Wednesday, December 17