Dept of Mathematics & Statistics Seminars Autumn, 2001

Time and Location: All seminars take place at 4pm in MS2 on the Top Floor of Logic House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth, unless otherwise indicated.

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This year's seminars are organised by Dr. David Wraith.


Haussdorf Measure and Sets of Exact Order
Dr. Detta Dickinson (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, October 3

Two-Weight Codes, Strongly Regular Graphs and Finite Geometry
Ms. Kate O'Flaherty (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, October 10

K-Theory of Integers
Dr. Kevin Hutchinson (Dept. of Mathematics, UCD)
Wednesday, October 17

Multi-Time-Scale Forecasting of Electrical Load
Professor John Ringwood (Dept. of Electronic Engineering, NUIM)
Wednesday, October 24

Implausible Equivalences in Algebra and Topology
Professor John Greenlees (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Sheffield)
Wednesday, October 31

Time-Reversal Symmetries
Professor Tony O'Farrell (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, November 7

Weight Divisibility of Certain Cyclic Codes
Mr. Ciaran Mac An Bhaird (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, November 14

Wild Kernels and Galois Co-descent
Mr. Dermot Ryan (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, November 21

Twisted Group Rings and Projective Representations
Dr. Rachel Quinlan (Dept. of Mathematics, UCD)
Wednesday, November 28

Projective Planes and Spheres
Dr. Jurgen Berndt (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Hull)
Monday, December 3

Aspects of Surgery
Dr. David Wraith (Dept. of Mathematics, NUIM)
Wednesday, December 12